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Impact factor on pre-insulated pipe jackets​

In pre-insulated piping systems, the protective jacket plays a crucial role in preserving the insulation and integrity of the system. However, not all jackets are the same, and the right choice depends on several factors that determine their ability to withstand external impacts.

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What is the impact factor in pre-insulated pipes?

The impact factor is an indicator of the mechanical strength of a liner for pre-insulated pipes. It is expressed in units of energy per unit area (J/m²) and represents the amount of energy that the liner can absorb before permanent damage or deformation occurs.

Why is the impact factor important?

Pre-insulated pipes are exposed to a variety of environments, from subway installations to areas exposed to the elements. These environments can present risks such as mechanical impact, shock, vibration and point loads. A jacket with an adequate impact factor will protect the insulation and internal piping from these damages, ensuring the long-term efficiency and durability of the system.

What factors influence the impact factor of a jacket?

The impact factor of a jacket depends on several factors, including:

  • Liner material: The most common materials for liners are high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Each material has different mechanical properties, which affects its ability to withstand impact.

  • Liner thickness: A thicker liner generally translates into a higher impact factor.

  • Liner design: The shape and design of the liner, such as the presence of ribs or reinforcements, can influence its impact resistance.

  • Environmental conditions: Temperature, humidity and exposure to sunlight can affect the long-term mechanical strength of the liner.

Outer jacket pre-insulated pipes

How to select the right liner?

Selecting the right liner for your pre-insulated piping project requires careful evaluation of the above factors. It is crucial to consider the type of potential impact the pipe could experience, the environmental conditions of the installation environment, and the specific characteristics of the pipe and insulation.

For accurate liner selection, it is recommended that you consult with pre-insulated piping specialists. They will be able to evaluate your project in detail and recommend the liner with the appropriate impact factor to ensure the protection and proper functioning of your system.


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